Classes and PDFs

These are classes I currently teach and have taught in the past, click on the respective titles to download the associated PDF.
If you are going to share the class PDFs with others please remember to credit me.

14th & 15th-century Veils and Hairstyles
-An overview of different hairstyles and veils worn in the later Middle Ages by women of all classes, focusing on England, France, and Italy and the differences between these regions. Handout includes a pattern for a St. Birgitta’s coif and instructions on how to wear a veil without the aid of a circlet no matter the length of your hair.

Recreating a St Birgitta Cap
-Pattern and history of the women’s coif commonly referred to as a St. Birgitta’s Coif.

Understanding the Herringbone Stitch on the St. Birgitta Cap
-How to use a herringbone stitch to join two pieces of fabric. This is the stitch seen on the center back seam of the 14th-century St. Birgitta’s cap.

Recreating a 14th-century Pourpoint
-Instructions covering construction techniques, resources, and patterning recommendations.

Sumptuary Laws
-I have handouts on both 14th-century English Sumptuary Laws and 14th-century Italian Sumptuary Laws, but as these are continually being updated as I expand my research please contact me directly if you are interested in the handouts.


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