The Busiest Time of the Year: Thoughts on the Middle Kingdom A&S Faires

This is the first in a series on the behind the scenes of the Middle Kingdom A&S Faires, one of the most exciting series of events for me each year. I will update once a week for the next few weeks.

The A&S Faires are a great way to experience many of the wonderful projects that people have been spending the last year or so working on and that they bring with great pride to share with others. The process leading up to each of the Regional Faires and then finally the Kingdom Faire is a fun-filled, even if slightly stressful, process for all involved. While the entrants are readying their items and documentation the tally room staff: which includes the Kingdom MOAS, Kingdom Deputy MOAS, Judges Coordinator, Faire Database Coordinator, Regional MOASs, and Deputy Regional MOASs, as well as a number of other people who travel to each faire to help make sure everything runs smoothly, are all making sure that there are appropriate event sites, that people are registering their entries into the system correctly, and that there are sufficient judges for each entry. Additionally, Regional MOASs are also promoting their faires, and are often providing research support.

About a week before each Regional Faire the Regional MOAS, Judges Coordinator, and sometimes the Deputy Regional MOAS all sit down on a conference call to assign judges. While the number of entries and judges is usually checked a couple of times before then, and calls for judges are usually put out about a week or so before the assignment meeting this meeting also serves to double-check that there are sufficient judges for each category. For instance this year at the North Oaken Regional Faire when we started assigning judges we found that we were short on judges for Division 5 primarily for the Brewing and Vintning, and Herbcraft and Apothecary entries, so we publicized that we needed more judges and once those additional judges were registered we were then able to finish assigning judges for the faire. On average assigning judges for each faire takes about two sessions of 2-3 hours each, the Judges Coordinator does this for each of the five Regional Faires as well as the Kingdom Faire.

Check back next week for more! 🙂


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